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Helena wants to give something back to her sport which has given her so much.

She now dedicates most of her time training riders and searching for talented horses.

In Eschweiler, near Aachen, Helena has created the perfect environment for any ambitious rider and/ or horse to progress and improve further to achieve their goals.

Eschweiler Jumping Festival

Eschweiler Jumping Festival


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Hope to see you next year…

Horses & References

Horses & References


“It’s not just about selling a horse”. Helena puts great emphasis on making a match.

A horse/rider combination is a partnership and the characters of both rider and horse must be suited to each other.

This is one of Helena’s greatest assets, she is able to judge the most suitable horse for a riders needs.

There is always a good selection of horses in Eschweiler at various levels of training and ability, beginning with young horses up to championship level.


Stadionstr. 31

52249 Eschweiler



  • +49 177 407 52 57 — Helena
  • +49 178 799 59 18 — Tim